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Portfolio - Cultural Commissions
Magnum Photos oversees individual or large scale group commissions for cultural or corporate clients across multiple platforms including cultural products such as exhibitions and books. A selection of these can be viewed below.

For Cultural Commission inquiries please contact:
T: +44 (0) 20 7490 9704
Exhibition - Live Lab: Shenzhen

Magnum Photographers

Album: 26 images
Exhibition - Live Lab: Paris

Magnum Group

Album: 41 images
Exhibition - LIVE LAB, London

The Magnum Group

Album: 28 images
Exhibition - A Portrait of Marrakech. MMPVA

Magnum Photographers 2013

Album: 83 images
Exhibition - Open for Business. Multistory

Magnum Photographers 2013

Album: 139 images
Exhibition - Now Is The Time. Boston Consulting Group

Magnum Photographers 2013

Album: 54 images
Exhibition - Georgian Spring. Georgian Ministry of Culture

Magnum Photographers 2010

Album: 232 images
Exhibition - Access to Life. The Global Fund

Magnum Photographers 2008

Album: 470 images
Exhibition - Disposable People. Autograph & Hayward Gallery

Magnum Photographers 2007

Album: 127 images
Exhibition - NorthSouthEastWest. The Climate Group


Album: 124 images
Exhibition - REDA

Magnum Photographers 2015

Album: 44 images
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