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Mar 23 - Jun 30 2019.
A major new photography exhibition explores the human body.

Featuring around 130 works from the 1930s to the contemporary, The Body Observed explores how Magnum photographers have turned their lens to the body, presenting works that examine a range of subjects from identity, intimacy, sexuality and ritual, to voyeurism and performance, among others. 

The exhibition explores the photographic representation of the human...View details
Jun 22 - Jun 24 2019.
Join photographers and filmmakers Antoine d’Agata and Sohrab Hura in London as they lead you on a journey in alternative image making.

Known for their conceptual approach to photography, Antoine d’Agata and Sohrab Hura will be jointly leading an insightful workshop in London.

Over three days, you will be asked to reflect on your practice, push your artistic boundaries, and to go beyond your comfort......
Jun 7 - Jun 16 2019.
The creative duo lead two weekend workshops designed to help you identify the next steps in your photographic development

We are pleased to present two intensive weekend masterclasses led by the unique creative couple Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb in Hong Kong.

Do you know where you're going next with your photography — or where it’s taking you? This workshop will help photographers begin to......
Artist Talk
Apr 24 - Apr 24 2019.
The event will explore the agency of images specifically in relation to environmental awareness; how images may affect and be active in cultural, social and political situations and events. How can arts and culture engage audiences in pressing environmental concerns, and create shifts in attitude and behaviour? Speaker presentations will explore how aesthetic, philosophical, and conceptual approaches......
May 7 - May 11 2019.
Develop your photographic voice and produce new work under the mentorship of the visionary Magnum photographer during this intensive five-day workshop

Intended for passionate amateurs to professional photographers, the workshop is for photographers wishing to broaden their perspectives and push the boundaries of their personal development. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the city......
Events:Featured events
Mar 8 - May 8 2019.
HOME is a major collaborative project between FUJIFILM and Magnum Photos, involving 16 photographers and culminating in a five-city exhibition and photobook.

Each participating Magnum photographer was invited to explore the subject of HOME - a theme chosen for its global nature and the inherently human sentiment – in their own style and sensibility. Collectively, these sixteen visual short stories......
May 10 - Jun 2 2019.
The streets of Biel play host to an open air exhibition
The open-air exhibition Women with Binoculars
presents a curation of images by seven Magnum
photographers: Carolyn Drake, Diana Markosian,
Peter Marlow,
Martin Parr, Mark Power, Peter van Agtmael and
Alex Webb. This series, newly assembled by curator
Enrique Muñoz García, shows women who are
using binoculars to look at something taking place