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Newsha Tavakolian
b. Iran, 1981 (Member)
Situated in northwest Iran, Lake Urmia is the Middle East’s second largest saltwater lake. Formerly known for it’s striking turquoise color, the lake’s shrimp had drawn flamingos, pelicans, egrets, and ducks to it shores while the therapeutic warm and salty water attracted tourists. But, over the past 30 years climate change and human development have caused the lake to shrink by 80%. Blowing salt Read full story
Apr 17, 2020
While many journalists have found ways to cover the COVID-19 pandemic from a distance, photographers remain on the front lines. Photos and video stir emotions and offer important information for viewers. But that work simply can’t be done over the telephone. So photographers are perhaps particularly at risk as journalists work to inform and educate the public. What can they do to stay healthy? What... More...
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Sep 3, 2019
1,500 children are now being held in Iraq, charged with being members of ISIS but hundreds of others are returning to their homes with shattered souls and need to be healed. Thousands of boys were kidnapped from their northern Iraq communities and turned into child soldiers: they were beaten, indoctrinated, and forced to witness and commit horrible violence.
The Yezidi minority suffered greatly from... More...
Jan 23, 2019
Magnum Live Lab/19 is the first experimental laboratory of the international photographic agency Magnum to be held in Russia.
The idea of the Live Lab which has already taken place in Paris, London, and Shenzhen is to open up the creative process of making, editing and presenting a photographic project for an audience. It is also a collaborative process between the photographers — Thomas Dworzak (Germany),... More...
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Jan 9, 2019
The nomadic Bakhtiari people inhabit Iran’s southwestern province of Khuzestan. Until recently, the region had been fertile, which made it ideal grazing land for a people whose livelihood is dependent on their herds of sheep. Land development and a long drought have forced changes to the Bakhtiari lifestyle. As green pastures disappear, shepherd families must travel great distances between suitable... More...
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Jan 3, 2018
Asma Kaouech, a young Tunisian activist, was photographed by Newsha Tavakolian. Asma tries to prevent teenagers from becoming radicalized. The association Kaouech created, Fanni Raghman Anni, provides them with opportunities to channel their emotions through street theater, workshops, and cultural activities.
This story is one of four chapters Magnum photographers produced on human rights, commissioned... More...