Magnum Photos Event
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by Josef Koudelka


Sep 13 - Dec 22 2018


Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture

America Street, Clemenceau

Beirut, Lebanon

Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture, in association with
Magnum Photos, presents Josef Koudelka: The
Wall/Beirut, an exhibition displaying two of the Czech
photographer’s extensive photo series.
The Wall comprises of a landscape of panoramic
reproductions of the Wall, which Koudelka
photographed during his several trips to Palestine
between 2008 and 2012, while Beirut documents the
war-devastated city centre at the end of the Lebanese
Civil War in 1991.

The exhibition is curated by Xavier Barral.

Josef Koudelka (b. 1938), born in Moravia, he started
his career as an aeronautical engineer in 1961, at the
same time, he began photographing Gypsies in
Czechoslovakia and theater in Prague. Koudelka
photographed the Soviet invasion of Prague, published
under the initials P. P. (Prague Photographer) for fear
of reprisal to him and his family. In 1969, he was
unanimously awarded the Overseas Press Club's
Robert Capa Gold Medal for those photographs. He
left Czechoslovakia for political asylum in 1970.
Koudelka has had more than a dozen books published,
including: Gypsies (1975), Exiles (1988), Chaos
(1999), and Invasion Prague 68 (2008).