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Robert Capa Retrospective in Andorra
June 18, 2019
by Robert Capa R
A career-spanning look at the work of the Magnum co-
founder’s photographs of the effects of war
Capa is best known for his photographs of battle, but the
other side of his coverage of war documents the
suffering of innocent civilians, especially children.
Capa was present as bombs were dropped around the world, but he focused on the survivors going about their daily lives despite overwhelming losses and staggering
destruction. It may be said that the great theme of
Capa’s war photographs is the triumph of the human
spirit over the most terrible adversity.
In addition to documenting the Spanish Civil War
(1936–39), Capa photographed the resistance to the
Japanese invasion in China during 1938, and later went
on to cover the European scene from World War II
(1941–45), the First Arab-Israeli War (1948), and the
French Indochina War (1954).
This exhibition shows a selection of Robert Capa &
photographs of war as well as many portraits including
those of his friends and fellow artists such as Ernest
Hemingway, William Faulkner, Henri Matisse and Pablo

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