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February 6, 2018
by Moises Saman
On the 16th may 1954, Swiss photographer and Magnum member Werner Bischof was tragically killed when the car he was travelling in, came off a cliff on a mountain road in the Andes, he was 38.

Peruvian-born Magnum photographer Moises Saman collaborated with Marco Bischof, Werner’s filmmaker son, to retrace Werner’s trip from the Andes to Trujillo, where the accident occurred.
For both Marco and Moises this project is highly personal; Moises has never lived in Peru and so this trip represents an opportunity to connect with his birthplace. For Marco, who has been filming there since 1994, it’s the country in which he feels closest to his father. Werner is buried in the Callao district, less than a mile from the Saman family residence.

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