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Dennis Stock Photographs
March 18, 2013
by Dennis Stock
MAGNUM PHOTOS is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated exhibition, "DENNIS STOCK PHOTOGRAPHS," opening at MILK GALLERY | NY, April 2nd at 7pm.

The exhibition, which runs until April 17th, will feature some of Stock's most iconic images -- James Dean in Times Square, Miles Davis in a smokey club, the Venice Beach Rock Festival -- as well as some rare B&W street scenes and Hollywood set captures. Whether Stock was shooting celebrities or simply exploring the world from behind the lens, he created images that fully capitalize on the basic function of the still-photo: he captured moments in time. A Dennis Stock image delivers an enormously complex and nuanced context in a single frame, perfectly evoking all the little things about a situation that allow us to be transported.

Stock's unique abilities as a visual storyteller are never more apparent than in his essay on James Dean, shot just months before the young actor's death. The utter poignancy of each photo, combined with Stock's knack for capturing the raw intangibles that made the enigmatic star so damn intriguing -- Dean's mix of vulnerability and straight-up coolness -- make the work one of the seminal American photo essays in the history of the medium.

"DENNIS STOCK PHOTOGRAPHS" celebrates the work of one of the great visual documentarians of Americana, a photographer who made an absolute art out of capturing the cultural zeitgeist of his time.

The exhibition is open to the public, but RSVP is required to attend the opening reception.

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