Magnum Photos Event
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by Elliott Erwitt


Sep 30 - Feb 4 2018


Salo Art Museum

Mariankatu 14

Salo, 24240


A celebration of half a century’s work by Elliott Erwitt opens in Salo.

French/American photographer Elliott Erwitt has been working with Magnum Photos since 1954. Erwitt is known as a classical photographer who, throughout his production, has used black and white film to capture iconic images of people and the relationships between them, and also of dogs and other animals. As a photographer, Elliott Erwitt achieves his goal in some cases with a gentle irony, in others with wit or sentimentality, but always with the confidence of a master of street photography. The exhibition presents over half a century of work by Elliott Erwitt, up to the year 2005

This exhibition produced by Magnum Photos in cooperation with Forte di Bard.