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East West
August 2, 2017
by Harry Gruyaert
At a time when the world was politically divided into East and West, Harry Gruyaert’s quest for light and sensuality led him to capture the colours of two very different worlds: the vibrant glitziness of Las Vegas and Los Angeles in 1982 and the austere restraint of Moscow in 1989, just before the fall of the Soviet Union. Although his intention was not to document current affairs, he nonetheless created a remarkable set of images that preserve a moment in history in glowing shades.
Introductory essay by David Campany.

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Format: Hardcover, 2 vol. in a box
Size: 30,5 x 21 com (books), 31 x 10,7 cm (box)
Pages: 80 each vol.
Publisher: Textuel (French), Thames & Hudson (English), Hannibal Publishing (Belgium & Netherlands), 2017.